Always looking for new techniques and information to better serve his clients, Skipp Swoope is pleased to bring one of the hottest full body workouts in Los Angeles to Palm Springs. Skipp utilizes the Systeme Dynamique, the innovative Pilates-based circuit-training workout program. "Like a lot of other people, I always thought of Pilates as an exclusive type of exercise where you had to be in great shape just to think about trying it. I took a class at Pilates Plus in West Hollywood, and I was hooked".

Having worked with Systeme Dynamic creator Sebastien Lagree for the past four years, Skipp has developed an effective, safe, easy-to-follow and fun program. With more than 1000 hours of group classes, Skipp tailors each workout to combine a variety of conditioning and strength building exercises to create a diverse, high calorie burning workout. "All of my clients experience weight loss and muscle toning when they start taking my class. Most of them tell me that no matter how much time they spent at the gym before, it is my class that makes the biggest impact in changing what their body looks like and in how amazing it makes them feel."

Skipp is a dedicated and passionate fitness professional who has successfully motivated and inspired clients towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As a personal trainer for several years in Los Angeles, Skipp has become on of Hollywood's most sought after trainers. His specialties include strength and core training, weight loss training, beginner fitness, and fitness evaluation and body composition.

Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer Certification, International Pilates Method Certified Instructor (with Ivan Dahl), Systeme Dynamique, Stretch and Flexibility Certified, Kick Boxing Certified